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Alice and the Pirates: Scent of Rapunzel

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Feb. 20th, 2011 | 12:06 am

Another new AttP print! Reserves start February 25th at 5 pm. I am able to be in person at the store at this time. (They take phone reservations starting 5:30, but I'd rather be there to make sure!)

This print will be in the following:
One-piece (29190JPY)
Jumperskirt Type I (26040JPY)
Jumperskirt Type II (26040JPY)
Skirt (16590JPY)
Ribbon Headband (3780JPY)
Bonnet (7245JPY)

Colors available:
Off-white x off-white lace x lavender ribbon
Dark red x dark red lace x dark red ribbon
Navy x navy lace x navy ribbon
Black x black lace x black ribbon

There will also be:
OTK socks (in off-white, ivory, black x red, black x white) (2310JPY)
Blouse cut bolero (off-white, black)
Pullover (off-white x off-white, black x off-white, black x black)
Scissors Rapunzel necklace (all jewelry available in gold, antique gold, and silver) (5145JPY)
Scissors Rapunzel brooch (2625JPY)
Scissors Rapunzel earrings (2625JPY)

NOTE ABOUT THE BOLERO AND THE PULLOVER: It's listed on the Nagoya blog, but not on the official announcement. I can call and ask about it if anyone is interested.

Here is the official announcement: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/reserve/scent-of-rapunzel/index.html
Here is the Nagoya blog post: http://yaplog.jp/ap_nagoya/archive/218

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